Dementia Stories

Items we came across in the media on a fairly regular basis were reports on dementia related incidents and situations whether loving and devoted carer reports or the tragic invetabilities of people finding it impossible to deal with the illness. We already have a small section for 'celebrities' who have experianced dementia, but are financially more able to deal with it, (click HERE) but in this section we deal with the realities faced by the general public in the real world and these are their stories. Dementia dooes not discriminate. It is possibly the cruelest thing that can happen to a person, it can cut short productinve lives and put enormous stress on the most loving relationshipe. Some people can deal with it, others can't and since people and circumstances are always different, so are the outcomes. The problem here is that Dementia and Alzheimers in all forms are terminal illnesses but the progress of the disease prevents the patient determining his/her own future because they become incapable of so doing. Finding an appropriate way to care for Alzheimer's sufferers represents a major and still unsolved challenge for the medical and caring professions. In the Netherlands there is increasing public and medical acceptance that voluntary euthanasia may be appropriate for individuals who are in the early stages of dementia, looking for a way to escape.

a) John and Meryl Parry. This is a particulary tragic case of a devoted couple who agreed to look after each other in old age whatever. Unfortunately the anxiety and stress became too much for Mr.Parry. He had no-one to turn to and there was no support. Click HERE for their story

b)Sir Nicholas Wall He developed fronto-temporal lobe dementia, a cruel and debilitating condition, also known as Pick's disease, that affects parts of the brain that control behaviour, emotions and language. He took his own life. Click HERE for his story

c) Mark Hatzer and Mother Sylvia This is a truly inspiring story. Applying diet common sense can restore your lifestyle. Medication is not the only answer.Click HERE for the story

d) Michelle Pennington and her Mother Joan This is an unfortunate case of Morrisons not being dementia aware as they should have been.Click HERE for the story

e) Shelley Sheppard Diagnosed with early onset dementia at the age of 44. She has the love and dedication of her family to help support her. Click HERE for the story

f)George and Betty Lyons.Another tragic case of a lifetime together being cut short by dementia. In despair and parted from his wife, he ended their lives so they could be together again. Click HERE for the story

g)Husbands Dementia Unbearable This is a letter to the Agony Aunt Bel Mooney. Illustrates the despair and hoplessness felt by a dementia sufferer's carer. Click HERE for the story

h)Douglas and Mary Addison Another tragic case of a lifetime together affected by dementia and being totally overwhelmed by the circumstances of the disease. Click HERE for the story

To be continued. If you have any relevant stories that you would like inchuded in this section, please use the contact form.